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Our Philosophy


"SOBREMESA": The conversations had at the dinner table after a delicious meal

We believe genuine hospitality is felt in the details of it all, like, serving hot soup on a cold day... having your napkin refolded for you before you return to your seat... or your water glass refilled before you're finished with it. 

We also believe that some of the most important human connections are had sobremesa. We facilitate these essential moments through well crafted food and thoughtful service. We care deeply about where our ingredients are sourced and how we create your plate. We care about how delicious everything tastes as well as the way it is presented to you. We care about our first conversation with you, and how your vision unfolds on your event day.

We are both in the food industry and people industry. Talk to us about how we can take your special event catering experience to the next level.

We can't wait to collaborate with you on the perfect menu!

Commitment to Community

We proudly partner with Casa Event Productions LLC to serve our community through donation and service to continue the fight for Human Rights.

The 2021 Non Profit in whom we will donate our 2021 volunteer work and sales is:

ING Fellowship

ING Fellowship aims to inspire, nurture, and guide young people in Inglewood, CA to organize, mobilize, and address different issues affecting the Inglewood community.

With the help of dedicated and passionate mentors, ING provides young people in Inglewood with skills necessary to increase civic engagement in Inglewood and

make a positive impact in the community.

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